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Through our nation-building initiatives, we provide underprivileged people with hope and opportunity for better lives.
Doing so not only leads to socio-economic development in their area, but also to a stronger, closer, and better world
for all. Kiran News is a periodical newsletter that showcases our social responsibility initiatives.

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Nation Building Initiatives

"Bareoot Basketball"

A one-of-a-kind initiative that brings basketball to rural areas around the world in order to provide the youth with a fun and healthy activity, instead of falling prey to drugs, crime, and gangs. The vision of this initiative is to give underprivileged girls and boys an understanding of Teamwork, Loyalty, Empathy, Trust, Responsibility and Community—all necessary elements to build a strong citizenry that will give them and their countries a brighter future.

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Pehli Kiran "First Ray of Light"

To this day, there are rural and poor communities around the world with no electric grid, which means no light after dark. Since 2003, this initiative has gifted over a thousand underprivileged families with solar-powered LED lighting, drastically improving their lives overnight. The additional hours of light free the people from the cost of hazardous kerosene lanterns. It also gives the men and women additional hours to work and increase their daily income, while the children have more hours to do their schoolwork.

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