We Strive to be the Best

ISO9000Shaan Technologies ensures all products manufactured accordance with its customers and international standards. Shaan Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our staff is well trained, motivated and instructed to fulfill all requirements as per Quality Assurance Systems.

As a company we have adequate resources to provide each of our employee with the tools and working conditions to perform top class work for our customers each and every day. Our state of the art training center conducts regular IPC training in order to maintain consistently high levels of product quality.

Proactive Quality Philosophy

Our Quality control program includes Receiving Inspection and Testing, In–process Inspection and Testing, and Final Inspection and Testing. Quality Raw Materials are procured from prequalified reputable vendor from all over the world. To achieve one of our quality objective "build quality into product", considerable receiving inspection man hours for raw material prior to release to production and on–line inspection man hours are spent. Our skilled production staff build quality products which exercise adequate process control. Finally, finished products are subjected to test as per quality standards.

In order to maintain Quality Management System, regular Internal quality audits are performed. The bottom line of our internal quality audits is to take necessary corrective actions to eliminate deviations and further improve the system.

Committment to Our Clients

Shaan Technology maintains a comprehensive Non–conformance procedure that promptly handles customers’ complaints. All customers’ complaints are promptly investigated and corrective and preventive actions taken by our skilled and trained quality staff.

Our workmanship standards comply with the latest IPC A–610 and J–STD with the ability to manufacture to the requirements of MIL–STD–2000.

In conclusion, Shaan Technologies operates continues improvement process that contributes to the product reliability manufactured at its facility.

ISO Certified RoHS Compliant